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order stress management techniquesC.D. - Stress "E" scapes
This CD is based on one of Santi's most requested conference sessions. 45 minutes of gentle voices, stunning sound effects and soothing music designed to:

Calm           Refocus           Re-energise

Let your mind and spirit be transported to magnificent sites such as deserted islands and secret
rainforest valleys.

Track 3 - "Sleep Time" is designed for those who find it difficult to sleep at night. ".. Santi must be the only presenter in the world, paid to send delegates to sleep - and we love it."
Small Business Clinic.
Price: $29.95 (incl. GST) order products

stress counsellorstress counsellor
Is a unique interactive program designed for those individuals or companies wanting guidance without human "face to face" contact.

Each individualized and confidential report (average 25 pages), provides
Feedback on personality type
Signs and sources of stress
Recommend coping strategies

Helping you to understand your present state of mind, reflect constructively upon it whilst offering immediate, practical and personalized guidance.

Price: $79.95 (incl GST) order  products
Corporate rates available upon request

Nutrition Counsellor
Is a database made up of 3500 foods each with its own detailed nutrition composition. This individualized and confidential report, (average 15 pages) provides for a comprehensive dietary analysis program, which graphically presents current dietary habits and highlights problem areas.

Interactive dietary awareness questionnaire.
Lifestyle review
Weight loss and healthy eating fact files
Integration of nutritional analysis with fitness, current activity levels, cardiac risk analysis etc.
Large selection of ethnic foods as well as common foods
Foods analysised in average portion sizes as well as 100g portions

Price: $79.95 (incl GST) stress management techniques
Corporate rates available upon request

Purchase nutrition & stress counsellors together & receive stress management/relaxation
CD for FREE (normally $29.95) stress management techniques

stress management techniques

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order stress management techniques